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Our approach leverages
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About Lead Right


Lead Right helps leaders and their teams run better! We provide distinctive consultation services attending to every element of your organization’s health and productivity.

We work with business leaders across various industries and functions. While topics vary greatly, the core of our work is aligning and synergizing your teams to pursue their most significant opportunities.

Whether you have engaged us for an offsite, leadership coaching and development, or a series of working sessions, our role is to assess, design and facilitate those solutions that enable you to maximize results.


A successful engagement
with Lead Right can result in:

  • Effective strategic and operational plans
  • Innovative new products and services
  • Streamlined and tech savvy processes
  • Higher performing organizations and teams
  • Successful change that drives adoption, utilization and proficiency

Stacy Kuehnis is the founder and principal of Lead Right with 22 years of change management and organizational development expertise.

about stacy kuehnis


Our Core Values, Philosophy & Approach

1Trusted Advisors

Lead Right is a valued partner and trusted advisor. No matter the extent of our engagement, our clients’ interests and needs come first.

2Clear Outcomes

Success is measured by the ability of conversations to generate meaningful results for our clients. We invest time up front to understand the problems your organization faces, then we carefully design and facilitate the necessary conversations to align leaders and teams around impactful, actionable solutions. Every conversation ends with clear next steps and accountabilities.

3Criteria based Decision Making

When it comes to making effective decisions, Many teams either lack the right data, or suffer from data overload. Lead Right balances content, process and conversation in a way that enables attendees to use relevant insight to make decisions.


Unlike traditional “study and recommend” strategy consulting firms who tell clients what they should do, Lead Right custom tailors the process and conversations to help your organization develop your own solutions, which fit within your companies culture and constraints. With this approach, your internal capabilities and subject-matter expertise are complemented, not replaced, ensuring greater buy-in to solutions from the start.

Consulting Services

We custom design high impact meetings based on the relevant needs coming from you and your organization. While topics vary greatly, the core of our work is helping you to align and synergize your leadership teams to pursue your most significant opportunities.

Strategic Planning

  • A renewed vision and strategy that energizes and represents your whole team
  • Strategic prioritization for the top key focus areas over the next 3-6 months
  • Clear goals, roles, and responsibilities with action plans and KPI’s
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Product Innovation

  • New products that set you apart from your competition
  • Improved company services that grow your customer base
  • An innovative problem solving process keeping your best ideas at the forefront
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People & Productivity

  • A team and organization that run better, simpler, and faster
  • Aligned goals with clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Increased trust and a team adept at inviting conflicting points of view
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Change Management

  • Greater adoption and utilization of your newly built product or program.
  • Increased speed and proficiency with a new streamlined process
  • Greater flexibility built-in to the organization to accommodate ongoing change
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Run Better

  • Updated internal or external business processes with outdated steps removed.
  • Lower operational costs, less iteration and wasted resources
  • Optimized solutions to meet new quotas and standards of quality
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Stacy Kuehnis

Stacy Kuehnis

Founder and Principal of Lead Right

Stacy is a change management and organization development practitioner dedicated to helping businesses and individuals gain a competitive edge. Her clients benefit through enhanced performance, results, commitment, and accountability in the workplace. Her engaging style, clever techniques, and relevant real-world examples enable clients to quickly develop more successful strategies to optimize results.

Stacy has advanced skills in diagnosing, designing and facilitating complex interventions at all organizational levels, across industries, geographies and functions. She recommends and implements professional quality solutions that focus on critical needs, growth, and transformation of companies. She has led over 200 meetings, off-sites, workshops, and summits for development, finance, sales, HR and operations. She has consistently built strong working relationships with her clients. Her exemplary design and facilitation skills enable her to deliver all levels of programs in the right format at the right time.

Stacy worked with LinkedIn’s Global Customer Operations team to create a scalable learning strategy that resulted in 500 customer agents having better product training in an online interactive, consistent format across the globe. She was selected at SAP to be on an elite team of 15 OD Consultants world-wide from Germany, Israel, China, India. She worked remotely across geographies with division leaders designing and facilitating strategic planning sessions and was instrumental in increasing productivity, engagement and customer satisfaction. She was hired by PayPal’s Global Operations Division to innovate on a solution that would upskill their 200 product managers across 17 verticals worldwide. The result was PayPal’s Global PM Certification Program which was adopted globally. Stacy was hired by Salesforce.com to partner with their sales and technology division leaders to strategize on a custom learning roadmap solution that would ultimately enable their employees and their managers to run better.

Stacy has a Masters Degree is in Education & Instructional Systems Design. Her certifications include: Prosci Change Management, personality and social style instruments (Myers-Briggs, DISC, AVA) as well as Situational Leadership and Crucial Conversations. She has advanced training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a strong background in sales training, coaching and 360 feedback. Stacy lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is actively involved in the Organizational Development Network and International Society for Performance Improvement.

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